Saturday, October 20, 2018

9:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m.

Graland Country Day

(55 Clermont St., Denver)

Dr. Sandra "Chap" Chapman

Dr. Chap’s approach weaves together her 28 years as an educator and leader. She draws on her scholarly work and research, her extensive professional work with varied school communities, and her passion for helping all community members feel a strong sense of belonging.  

Whether Dr. Chap is working one-on-one with a diversity practitioner or classroom teacher, alongside a team of parents to deliver a challenging conversation for their school, or running meetings for faculty, she aims to design sessions that help each member of the community find their voice and work together to build a stronger and more inclusive community.

Racial Identity Workshop

Racial identity is a key component of early childhood, adolescent, and adult development. Theorists agree that a complete understanding of one's own and other people's racial identity has a positive impact on school and/or classroom environments as well as possibly increasing the academic achievement of students of color. 

Participants will use racial identity models to make sense of their own development before discussing where students fall on this spectrum. After acknowledging the racial lens through which they see the world, workshop participants will review racial identity theories, view films that highlight the systematic effects of racism, and discuss best practices that help students develop the positive and resilient racial self-concepts needed to counter bigotry, prejudice and benign neglect present in our schools today.